Friday, August 17, 2012

Celebrating 10 years together!

Celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary has been a bit anticlimactic. Both kids woke up sick, Kieran with a fever and Makenna with diarrhea. But it still feels great to have reached this milestone in our relationship. 

Despite the daily realities of life, we still are in love. Our values are still the same, and we have the same dreams. Most of all, we are working as a team to raise our children, support each other's careers, and plan future fun for our family (already making mental plans for Australia/New Zealand in 2014!) We each have our flaws, but we both know each other so intimately that there are few true surprises. We have high standards, and we know that requires teamwork and communication. Best of all, we take the time to share our affection with each other and our kids at every opportunity, although Kevin does sometime get jealous of all the "snuggie time" the kids crave from me. Yet, for all the presumed sacrifices, we both realize how good we have it and are in awe of how our life together is turning out...

Here a post to thank everyone who helped at our wedding, and everyone who has helped us keep our vows!

 Thanks for 10 plus wonder-filled years, Kevin, the best is yet to come...!

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